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What to do after an accident.

  • Please make sure that everyone involved is not injured.  Human and animal life far outweigh any property damage.
  • Even if you feel ok after and accident its always a good idea to be checked out by a physician. Sometimes symptoms are not present after an accident so don't delay.
  • Survey the damages to all vehicles involved and make a note of it including accurate vehicle descriptions. (e.g., 1997 Ford Ranger, Color Black, etc.)
  • Obtain the names, addresses and license numbers of persons involved in the accident.  Also, write down the names and addresses of anyone who may have witnessed the accident.  They can help in explaining how the accident happened so as to avoid disagreement between the involved parties.
  • Notify the police in all cases.  You may feel the damage is minor, but having a police report stating what happened is invaluable.

Additional Information

  • Be thorough in your description of what happened, noting the weather, the road conditions, traffic flow, etc.  Write this information down as soon as you can to avoid forgetting any of the details later.
  • Inform your insurance agent about the accident as soon as possible.  He or she may have further instructions for you regarding your claim.
  • Do not admit fault or sign any documents unless so directed by your insurance agent or the police.

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